SuperBowl week finally kicked off with SuperBowl opening night and I watched the festivities so you didn't have to.
Here are the highlights:
  • Bruce Buffer introduced the teams (wasn't as cool as it sounds)
  • Kelce got booed by 49ers fans and vowed that it was going to pump him up for the game (snore)
  • Kyle Shanahan spent most of his clearly slightly "under the influence" press conference defending Brock Purdy
  • Mahomes tried to be funny but sounded like an arrogant jerk.
  • The only thing worth watching was 11 year old Jeremiah Fennell asking the players questions and then stating he is picking the 49ers to win because he is a Raiders fan and could never pick the Chiefs. That kid is going places.
I am glad I endured this misery so you didn't have to. I am not too ashamed to accept zaps as compensation for my pain and suffering.
And no, I am not going to whine about the fact that the NFL has the 49ers practicing on a third rate field while the Chiefs practice in the lap of luxury in the Raiders facilities. Good. 49ers need to get back to playing with a chip on their shoulder. Hope they made them stay at a one star sleazy vegas motel instead of the MGM grand as well.
Sats for all, GR
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you can bank on the 49ers winning because I put a little money on the Chiefs.
Thank you for your service.
The masses are counting on the 49ers. I hope you've got your pregame rituals dialed in.
I feel the same way about this game as I did about the last two playoff games. If the 49ers are at the top of their game, which they haven't been recently, they will win. If they aren't they will probably have to pull a rabbit out of a hat like they did in the last two but I am not sure that trick will work with Mahomes and crew. The 49ers are the better team but the Chiefs are playing like the better team right now so we will see. I don't think the game is going to be that close. I could easily see either team winning by 10 or more.
The way the Chiefs beat the Ravens has me concerned. You've mentioned the 49ers play poorly when they get behind. KC threw their whole playbook at Baltimore right away to build a lead and Baltimore just couldn't catch up.
Better pray to whichever god might allow Fred Warner to win his match ups with Kelce.
Yes the Chiefs came out hot and then the Ravens D completely shut them down. 49ers D is not as good as Ravens D but the Ravens also missed a bunch of opportunities that could have swung that game their way. Chiefs are rounding into form at the right time and the 49ers are backing their way into the championship game. Hopefully the week off slowed down the chiefs momentum and the 49ers can get out to an early lead before Mahomes starts firing on all cylinders.
Putting a hex on KC taking the ML