Creative talk with Pedro Gonçalves

Car talks with Pedro, a Bitcoin filmmaker. Pedro shares his journey through the Bitcoin creative ecosystem. He delves into the creative process behind Bitcoin-related projects and film creation, emphasizing the importance of visuals and immersive experiences in making Bitcoin more accessible and engaging. They touch upon memorable visual events and Pedro's approach to unifying his creative and technical work within the Bitcoin ecosystem. The discussion also explores the critical role of funding in bringing ambitious Bitcoin projects to life, reflecting Pedro's multifaceted contribution to the Bitcoin community.

Topics discussed:

  • visuals
  • nova
  • powers of ten
  • bjork
  • project creation
  • film creation
  • experiences
  • creative work
  • the path
  • production work
  • immersive
  • bitcoin conf
  • ross
  • 2021
  • fun
  • unifying work
  • anatomy of bitcoin
  • funding
  • 2001 a space odyssey

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