Stacker Sports Exclusive!
Live look in on @grayruby
This week is moving so slow!
While we wait, please enjoy this quote from Steve Young,
"SuperBowls aren't won, they are taken from bloody hands".
SuperBowl pick 'em will be out today. Also, it is NBA trade deadline day so hopefully some great trades to talk about. Looks like the Knicks are already making moves.
Sats for all, GR
A lot of small stuff so far at the trade deadline. I like the Hayward to OKC move. Hope he can stay healthy.
I watched Wemby vs the Heat last night. Man that kid's unbelievable. I can't even fathom what his ceiling is. The passing really jumped out as something that's improved from earlier in the season.
#417802 please add if you feel inclined so I can do something other than refreshing Woj twitter. Haha