There was a Reason debate on National Divorce recently. Here's the debate, a follow up to the debate, and a response to James Lindsey's critique of National Divorce.
Ryan McMaken debates Jonathan Casey at LibertyCon. Recorded in Washington, DC, on 4 February 2024.
On this episode of Radio Rothbard, Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop do a recap of Ryan's debate at LibertyCon on the question of national divorce. Tho and Ryan address some of the libertarian arguments against secession, as well as the larger divide between libertarians like David Boaz and Rothbardians on matters of voluntary association.
Bob goes solo to give a point-by-point rebuttal to James Lindsay's recent essay arguing that "national divorce means national suicide." Bob argues that James employs inconsistent claims and ignores the tremendous economic boon to an independent Texas.
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I hope secession or divorce happens but it’s a pipe dream
I'm pretty sure that's how the former Soviet bloc felt too.
Soviet Union or Warsaw Pact or both?
It’s a deceptive comparison for many reasons…
Free market vs Soviet communism
Side note:
Brexit took 3 years to implement despite different currencies
What if USA 🇺🇸 decided to leave NATO? Huge outcry and crying from Europe
It's not a deceptive comparison. The point is some of these political arrangements do fall apart unexpectedly; Brexit's another good example.
Good point about how long it would probably take. Texas is far more integrated into the US than Britain was into the EU. On the other hand, Texans may not be as patient as the British.
The EU is more likely to break up than USA because of age, language and culture
I agree. It's also heading into economic collapse ahead of us.
Evil empire: 1 down, 1 to go
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