I agree it has a lot of centralising and trust factors, and maybe this tech is better suited for those who want to trust, like an uncle jim setup, or a community like a circular economy, giving them the tools to manage their own little bank where trust is already established
Here in South Africa group savings is a massive thing, holding billions, communities, groups, families all get together and save together, pull loans from it based on agreements, not that there aren't scammers, but this is handled within the community, even our local banks offer products to help this type of community fund pooling
This is where I see something like fedi/ecash finding its niche
I would agree with you if you could audit the mint.
What bothers me is that we aren't seeing ecash 2.0 with problems solved, we are seeing ecash 1.0 with new marketing.
Satoshi built and tested proof of work before he published the white paper.
This ecash parade is being rushed down the street with tired old problems. At least try to fix the lack of accountability.
I don't disagree with you there, I don't see this as even close to a finished product that I'd propose as a solution for custody of funds