Ah, had seen the reference to permaculture when I made the above comment but now see that it seems you discuss Masanobu Fukuoka too (looking at the show notes, where his book The One Straw Revolution is linked).
That book and its exposition of his 'natural farming' philosophy made a very strong impression on me when I first read it, so much so that I made a 'pilgrimage' to Japan soon after to visit his farm. I hitch-hiked across the island of Shikoku (from the east coast, over its mountainous interior, to the west coast where he lived) and met Fukuoka and saw his mountain orchards. I had wanted to live and work on his farm (as he describes ppl doing in his book) but he was quite old by the time I visited him and no longer took in ppl (except there was a Japanese girl who seemed to be staying on the farm). He directed me to a nearby organic co-op (mikan orchards) and I went on there to have further adventures. But meeting Fukuoka was the highlight of that trip.
I am glad you had that experience! There is something incredible about the Japanese countryside. I am staying South of Tokyo right now, close enough to the mountains and the oceans to remember what it is supposed to be like. There is a bit of a permaculture community here, really cool spot.