A while ago we were talking about the prospect of breaking up writing so that each paragraph, or meaningful chunk, was its own "comment" and readers being able to give feedback, either w/ sats or commenting on your comment. I still think there's something interesting in that form factor, a combo of incentives, tech, and norms, that would allow pieces of longer content to accrue in a different way that could be a new kind of signal to a writer.
But as you say below, some thought on the evergreen issue still needs to be thunk.
It seems to me like there's a lot of potential to make some money and get helpful feedback at a pre-final draft stage.
I've been thinking about how to attempt a series where I work through an economic research project in real-time. Each step would be a post and the comments would serve as something like real-time peer review. I'm not particularly close to carving out the time for such a project, but I would like to try it out at some point.