Cool app. Thanks. How much do we have to stream for converting maybe 1h of video material to get this type of summary?
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It's currently in alpha. If your video is under about 90 minutes it will definitely work and it's just a 1 time payment of around $0.26 USD (flat rate). It is not streamed. I am actively making numerous upgrades specifically: making it so you can get alerts/summaries/blog posts about the content straight to your nostr DMs for a given channel.
Open to feedback or your thoughts! Feel free to comment her or DM me on nostr anytime:
yes, thanks for the info. i had recently been looking for a similar app. the fact that it is now also available with a connection to the Lightning network is all the better. looks very good i will take a closer look at it in the next few days. good luck to you and the team, i'm sure it will be really good