We (Clams) made the shift from building PWAs with Svelte, to using Tauri where you get a PWA and a Desktop App from the same code base. We have been very impressed with the dev experience thus far.
It feels good right now to be able to direct users to the Desktop App if they are at risk of being cucked by Apple.
Learn more about Tauri here - https://tauri.app/about/intro
In the past I worked with Titanium / Appcelerator when I developed an app for a client (around 2012 I think). It was the only and (hopefully) last app I published in the stores of Apple and Google. I know Tauri, but I never encountered a problem where this is a decent solution. Just like Cordova, Capacitor, Electron, Socket etc.. Until now perhaps, when Web Apps are really killed by Apple. As an entrepreneur I know I need to adapt. One of my clients is already asking for me for alternatives.