1. You can now reset your tip defaults in the settings page.
  2. If you press and hold the tip button, it'll display the tip dialog so you can tip more or less than your default.

When I begin working on dark mode next week, I'll differentiate the tip button from the regular upvote button so that it's more obvious.

I'm going to add the following to the faq:

How do I tip?

If you press the upvote button a second time, a dialog pops up to tip. Optionally you can set this amount as your default tip to avoid the dialog on subsequent tips.

How do I reset my default tip?

On the settings page accessible from the dropdown menu. If you only want to temporarily vary your default tip, you can press and hold the upvote button to present the tipping dialog.


Cool! works great for me... I wonder if there's a way to show how much I tipped, perhaps in parentheses, ie if I've tipped 10: "56 (10) tipped". I try to throw sats around and sometimes I can't remember if I tipped a thread so I end up double tipping hehe