As a Pharmacist and Fitness Coach, I've had a lot of tough conversations with people about how they developed their chronic disease or why it's easier for them in their minds to continue on the path that they're on rather than make a few key changes to their lifestyle.
But when I have conversations with people who are leading healthy lives it's exactly the opposite. They see the things that they do for their health and longevity as non-negotiable. They must do these things and they make time for them.
At the end the choice is yours, are you going to continue to make excuses for yourself and eat your way into chronic diseases and not do any work to burn off the extra calories?
Or are you sick of lying to yourself about how you're going to change next week or after this holiday. Start small, Start now.
If you're reading this, and you know you have some changing to do then start going for walks once a day and if you're already walking then throw in some push-ups and squats.
If you're already doing body weight workouts and walking then start lifting weights and making better food choices.
If you're someone that works out six or seven days a week and eats healthy, maybe take a few days off and do other things that you enjoy and spend time with your loved ones or make some new friends and see them regularly.
We've all got somewhere that we can improve from who we were in the past because it's not a competition between you and I. I'm in competition with my old self.
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This is why DCA works. Automated discipline system.
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