Seems like a very thoughtful and well engineered project, interested in systems which are trying to maintain user control of keys without using seed phrases. Casa & Muun also manage this in their own way.
Probably not useful to me personally, but I can see how these approaches can make aspects of self custody more mainstream.
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Do other hardware wallet companies regularly release up to date hardware schematics? Could be a big deal if not.

Looks like they went with a protective license (which I don't fault them for but find interesting).
Software is licensed by Block, Inc. under the following MIT License (the “License”) with the Commons Clause modifier, and with no warranties or guarantees.
Crux of the Commons Clause modifier:
... the License does not grant to you, the right to Sell the Software.
I found the explanation in the blog a tad disingenuous:
Why did we pick this license? Our priority is to provide a broad audience with safe and easy-to-use self-custody.
They eventually say something that makes more sense after expressing what sounds like lesser motives:
... allows us to build a sustainable business so that we can continue to bring important products to a global audience.
Again, I don't fault people for protecting IP. Just ... be real.
Very much looking forward to the bitkey as there are some older folks in my life that just won’t be able to mange storing seed phrases unfortunately. I love that it’s native multi-sig