We want to provide a free bitcoin only flat file system(CMS) to compete with Wordpress & Shopify. Current state is a small MVP requiring you to have NodeJS >18 installed.
You can find more information at https://cypher.space Demo build: https://demo.cypher.space
Or start building using the command: npx create-cypher
Deploy your own instance to any cloud provider (cloudflare, vercel, … self host) with no monthly costs.
It's still early days for this project but we hope you can see the light we are trying to provide. Feedback or contributions are always welcome we run a NuxtJS stack.
Let’s go folks !
Great MVP! Can't wait to see how you'll develop further the CMS functions. I'm so tired of dealing with woocommerce and have been looking for alternatives.
I appreciate the Bitcoin-only nature of the project. Perhaps down the road, cypherspace will support alternative payment methods via a plugin architecture. Would be great to use a self-hosted BTCPay and/or Stripe integration for fiat.
I understand with Alby, you can use your own node to receive, but this still leaks some payment information to Alby. A self-hosted BTCPay has no third-parties.
Very few ecomm businesses are ready to go bitcoin only. Their primary expenses are still in fiat, and most customers want to pay in fiat.
Lastly, I'd be interested to see some more effort put into SEO. This is something wordpress/woocommerce does well. I'd want my products/articles to rank highly in search results.
only the open finance part of the application uses Alby and we are looking into LNBits, since we'll need a reliable API to get transaction lists from.
The rest of the application only needs an LNUrl & a receive btc address to function, so you can use your self-hosted payment gateways in this rudimentary implementation way. this does leave order verification to be a manual process that services like BTCPay & LNBits fill, so integrations for those are definitely part of the long term goal.
For fiat integration we've settled on hopefully finding a good provider that does a crypto onramp integration at the end of this all everything should solely function on btc.
For SEO we rely on build in content packages that allow you to specify all meta data in the top of the page, a bit barebones implemented today but we hit great lighthouse scores on the demo builds.
Super thanks for the feedback!
A Free Bitcoin only selfhosted Wordpress & Shopify alternative. Nice project. Keep up the good work
🫡 thanks 🙏
Looks cool. Any plans to have the webhook channel be something like a Matrix Room?
Thanks ! Not super familiar with Matrix Rooms, but as long as the room can receive a json object, i think it should work already right now. I'll definitely have a closer look at it 🚀
Lets Check it out at the Saturday Meet..
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Looks sweet! Is there a plan to start an instance with a "single button click"? Let's say I'm selling flowers and want to have online shop - where do I go as a first step?
Couple UX feedbacks for Shop:
  • After clicking "Add to Cart" there should be some visual confirmation (e.g. "Toast" on the bottom right that says "XYZ added to Cart")
  • In the cart, the fonts and spacing are too big - When I'm on 13" Macbook Pro I have to scroll a lot, ideally you would fit everything into a single page without need to scroll (try optimizing for 1440px x 800px (the height is reduced because of Chrome tabs, and MacOS menus...))
  • In Order Review: Pretty good, a bit too much padding in the box. What about changing this to two-column view with having the cart on the right? (shops sometimes do that and it has the benefit that you can see both the items and then all order details without scrolling too much)
  • When I confirm Order Review, then it goes to "Thank you for ordering stuff 🎉!" ... but I haven't paid yet. This is falsely making me feel like I'm done and can close the tab.
  • When clicking on "Lightning Invoice" button it takes a while for it to load. Also why do I even need to click on the button, just show me the invoice QR (and COPY button) and option to switch to onchain instead. That would save me 1-2 steps. (Essentially the goal is to make the flow the least user actions/steps while not being too confusing)
  • change "provided by YieldMonitor.io" to "price provided by YieldMonitor.io" (otherwise it sounds like the LN invoices are from that service)
Feedback on Blog
  • I tried unlocking the article, but it only shows "Start over" and it doesn't show me the full article?
Are you planning to start a company around this?
No immediate plans for a direct single button click deployment, it’s mostly focus on a distributed way to encourage self hosting and to not become a vendor lock-in. But at most it’s a 5 step process to have a continuous publishing setup and move between hosting.
The closest you can get in the process to a single click is to use a GitHub account and click the template button, an alternative is to use the template with Nuxt studio . https://github.com/cypher-space/Template
Regarding the feedback ( much thanks )
  • User feed with notifications bubbles is on the feature list
  • Cart flow most definitely needs UX update and flow restructure We currently use a older modified payment widget, next integration would be to try and setup the flow with bitcoin connect This should make the checkout process smoother and more 21st century vibes.
  • you are right some parts of the current order process need to be updated and the thank you for ordering needs to have a non clickable validation. Orders are a client side flow currently and this might feel a little counter intuitive at first but a person can send unlimited orders. It’s up to the vender to only send the ones that have a verified received payment with the same order ID. Integrations for payment validation are also still in the works and would remedy some of that flow and are now definitely priority 🙏
  • The yield monitor api will soon stop working but we have a solution in the works to swap it with something more decentralised fit
  • The paywall unlock currently has a bug and loose ends ( bug is reported 🫶)
No real plans to start a company around cypher would love to keep it in the open source and free space, founding & funding is to much time away from building 🚀
Much ❤️ for the detailed feedback
awesome. I love flat file system (ex: grav). Building a CMS is a huge undertaking, so well done for giving it a go. In our global world, I'd also think ease of localization should be on your todo list at some point. Keep up the good work
Couldn't agree more, we're using i18n for providing language agnostic components, it is a difficult tradeoff to centralise all translations or keep them at the component level. But both options are provided in the template as it currently is.
Happy to hear you way on localisation as heavy as we do, providing user language matching content is a way to make a difference 🚀
ahh nice. did not know about i18n. looks interesting. From a user perspective, it is nice to have localization centralized. In Grav, you get one txt file with all strings in it (quite easy to translate after that. Where it becomes tricky is in localizing urls/images/categories/tags/labels etc. This is not solved very good in grav.
very nice! Where does bitcoin come into play here? You host it and payment is in bitcoin? Or there are bitcoin integrations into the CMS?
at the core your lnurl and btc address function as enough info to provide widgets where you can select to put your content behind a paywall, donation model or sell products / services.
at the heart of it we would like to experiment with opening some of the financial transactions to the public as a method to show the inner workings but also as a trust model. Bitcoin as way to show transparency in companies, allot of new territory 🚀
Nice Project! Interested in future outcome of it.