interesting. maybe I’m missing something then. I read this:
Just since 2020, the federal government paid $324 million in grants to projects that in some capacity deployed a podcast.
I get that “in some capacity” means it wasn’t all $324, but they do give examples:
Regeneration Rising ($446,353 from Department of Agriculture), a podcast about agriculture, features an episode on “building a queer farmer community.”
My assumption is, the amount they show, is the amount the podcast got from the grants in some way. Are you think this isn’t the case and they are being intentionally deceptive?
I must apologize, I got confused as to where the end of the article was, and I see now that there was more to it than I first noted.
no worries. i realized looking again that there was more after the first email form. substack has an annoying interface in that way. it’s about subscriptions not reading.