• If Bitcoin becomes the measure of value then mempool fees will reduce.
  • If the amount of transactions is high then fees will be high to grab more sats
  • if the fees are too high people will use L2 to settle and miners will reduce fees to encourage on chain transactions
  • big miners may go out of business and small miners will settle transactions but no one will know who actually solved the reward so fees will just be fees.
  • Fediment might be something but lightning makes the mSats useless with high fees..
  • People will figure a way to harness on chain and create a paper currency that is attached to UTXOs. The minute the supply changes the currency will die so no one will fuck with the UTXOs
  • People might not settle transactions anymore so miners will pay you to settle so that they can get paid by the power company to make sure the grid works and the heat stays on or the refrigerator that has the coolant heated by ASICS...