I have already explained several times here that the European Union is on the way to launching so-called war bonds on the market to finance increased military spending as a result of the Russian panic. In essence, the aim is to introduce Eurobonds in the long term, which has not been possible to date as fiscal sovereignty was placed in the hands of the individual nation states. Essentially, it is about expanding the European defense sector and only awarding contracts to European companies. The geopolitical game is clear: the European Union wants to become independent. Is Donald Trump possibly already casting his long shadow ahead here? The first important milestone as the EU announced this week is to award 60% of the EU's military spending to European defense companies by 2030. The Europeans are now pooling their interests in the military sector under the name 'European Defense Industry Programme (EDIP)'.
Quote from the EU's statement: ''Our defence spending goes to too many different weapon systems, primarily bought from outside the EU. Now that defence budgets in all Member States are rising sharply, we should invest better, which largely means investing together, and investing European. This will enable us to move from a crisis response mode, to one of structural defence readiness. In a manner that closely integrates Ukraine.''
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