A people-oriented wallet The best open protocol we have right now for online identity is nostr. A private key you control, controlling a public identity anyone can interact with. You can use that identity to post memes, and you can also use that identity to signal with cryptographic certainty how you want to be paid.
The new version of Mutiny now allows you to create a new nostr profile, or import a nostr private key from an existing profile. Having a nostr private key in the wallet enables one of our biggest new social payment features: chat.
Mutiny now includes nostr DMs. You can send and request money from anyone on nostr. Payment requests are simply an invoice sent as a chat message. Payment requests from friends that you follow will show up on your Mutiny home screen so you can pay them with a tap. No more copy / pasting invoices!
A people-oriented wallet. It looks like a great update.
Seems like an alternative to 0xchat, which uses cashu instead of fedimint. This is an interesting space. NOSTR becoming the true web3.