1. attached wallet logs (via @ek)
    • accessible on the wallets page
    • ek wants to take more ownership over things that I usually try to impose a lot of direction on, eg UX and code UX, so help him with feedback
  2. invites links have been fixed after having been broken for awhile
  3. referral attribution has been fixed for lnauth/nostr auth after having been broken for awhile
  4. manage your subscriptions to other stackers from the settings page (via @WeAreAllSatoshi)
  5. API key scope has been limited to only doing things like posting/commenting (via @WeAreAllSatoshi)
  6. territories now show when they were created (via @ek)
  7. fix firefox mobile navbar click bug when visual viewport changes (via @BenAllenG)
  8. fix draft titles on links being overwritten (via jp on github - I don't know your sn nym)
  9. less confusing autowithdraw desired balance hint (via @south_korea_ln)
    • 🚨 first time contributor alert
There are a few other minor bug fixes and sndev changes.

We've paid a total of 1.37m sats in contribution awards to 13 contributors so far! View an up to date list of contribution awards here: https://github.com/stackernews/stacker.news/blob/master/awards.csv

Previous release: #484351 Complete list of changes: https://stacker.news/changes Q4 recap and Q1 roadmap: #381208

territories now show when they were created
12.5.23 founder gang rise up
jp on github 👋
Such a breeze to work with the new sndev script, congrats!
100 sats \ 2 replies \ @nym 5 Apr
Is there an overview of what the status' mean on the wallet log page?
6 sats \ 1 reply \ @ek 6 Apr
What do you mean with status?
The indicator green/orange/red I imagine
New here like a day old or so but kudos to the developers for the effort they put in and for making such a welcoming space possible.
ek wants to take more ownership over things that I usually try to impose a lot of direction on, eg UX and code UX, so help him with feedback
By code UX, you mean like implementation details?
I'm mostly guessing. ek conveyed he felt he wasn't exposed enough to his mistakes which I presume is that 10-20% finalization of things that I usually have a lot of opinions about.
Fair enough. @ek can you provide some clarity?
On the other hand, I am more than happy to defer UX decisions to you :D
100 sats \ 1 reply \ @ek 5 Apr
Good example is this comment.
I felt comfortable enough with the code to not also test successful autowithdrawals (I only tested connection failures) but when @k00b wrote
I don't see any glaring issues and I haven't QA'd it. Is there anything you'd like feedback on?
If not, can I assume you are happy and confident enough in it that I can just merge it and deploy it?
I got scared and also tested what happens if an autowithdrawal actually happens and found a serious bug, lol.
So I tend to get lazy / complicit at the last mile and rely too much on @k00b to make up for it. This should change.
Another good example might be this
Well it's great that you're making these observations and taking this initiative! Props to you!
first territory was created... @k00b https://stacker.news/k00b/territories giving 404 I was wondering when the
0 sats \ 2 replies \ @go 5 Apr
  1. Changed Meme Monday comments to sort by recent!
  2. 10 probably didn’t happen
should we do that?
0 sats \ 0 replies \ @go 5 Apr
But of course!
Amazing, good job. Thank you all devs.