i think there is this big stigma that when we try new things, they just have to end up working out in some way or another.
for example, i am here abroad in japan, getting ready to leave behind my job because i have found young kids are not for me teaching wise, and the conditions of the school were not the best either. why would i want to make myself stay somewhere when i know full well it is not going to work out? it doesn't do myself or the kids justice if my heart is not fully in it. and it would only serve to make my experience here more miserable and not what intended it to be.
don't get me wrong, i have met some incredible people here, and it has been a whole eye opening experience in itself personally. and i think my time here has been a whole test to get me ready for what is going to come next, in a really good way.
and quite honestly, i have no idea what's coming. although, i feel more eager to keep trying new things. i know it is going to be just fine.
I almost left this job after the first week because how much of a ruckus and bad impression it left me with, but it occured to me that i didn't actually try teaching for a full week yet. craziness of the working conditions and unprofessionalism aside, i sucked it up, did it, and found out it really wasn't for me.
my point is, is you don't have to force yourself to like something. but, please do yourself a favor, and really, genuinely try whatever it is you're doing.
it's okay if you don't like it. you can move on, and do something else. and that is what i think life should be about.
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As long as you can say you tried? There is no shame in finding something that makes you happier. Too many people sit in idle jobs for far too long wishing they had it better. I’m happy you decided it was time for a change!
I feel like i did genuinely try for myself. I am glad I did, and like you said, time for a change!
lol that’s what I used to tell my sons when trying new foods. It works in adulthood also
I want to share my experience when I started my public relations work. I needed to find a job and what I got was advertising for a disco club. It consisted of being next to the club and telling the offers and events we had for the night to the walking public. I didn't like the idea because I'm quite antisocial and I don't like to interact with people. However, as I went along I adapted to my new job. I met bad and rude people, but there were also some nice people who just wanted to have fun. At the end of talking to people so much, I ended up developing my extroverted side, and that makes me grateful for my decision for that work. It's been a few years and I want to change jobs, it's not that I don't like being a PR, but I want to live a new opportunity and a new experience again.
Amazing, you and I share the same values and are in same profession.
At one point in my teaching career, I had to teach small kids of grade 3 to 5. Before that I used to teach high school students, not any surprises, I left that job of teaching kids after 17 days and I didn't even get paid for leaving it at once. But yes, it want for the kids alone, it was for every reason that you mentioned in the post. Since then I have never taught kids because it reminds me the horrors of my previous 'job' experience with kids or in a kids school in a far off village in India.
You're right that we must try everything, not thinking about liking or disliking because this way we form an exact idea about our priorities.
Absolutely. I'm someone who loves trying new experiences, from foods to experimental theatre to music, and I never regret trying those things, but there are plenty of times where I've tried it and could then say, "nope, not for me."
And yeah, that's truer the "bigger" the experience gets. You've tried something huge, something most people don't even think about trying in their lifetimes, and it's an experience you'll always remember, but sticking with it once it was clearly not for you would have been throwing bad time after good.
Good luck on whatever happens next.
Looks like you tried hard enough to know that it is not gonna work out, quitting is highly underrated all the best to you to have the chance to try something new!
Don't try old things, It's stupid to ever think of them.