Zaprite: Invoicing Platform for Bitcoin Payments

Zaprite @zaprite is an invoicing platform that lets you accept on-chain bitcoin, Lightning Network and fiat payments in one integrated checkout experience.
What features does Zaprite have and why start using it?

Invoicing Software for Both Bitcoin and Fiat Payments

Do you charge clients in bitcoin?
Bitcoin itself doesn't need an invoicing software to accept bitcoin payments.
All you need is a Bitcoin wallet.
However, if you manage Bitcoin addresses and invoices manually, it might become a bit of hassle.
Invoicing platforms exist in the fiat world, so why not in Bitcoin too?
Zaprite enables that.
It's a web app to reduce friction.
You can smoothly save contacts and business names, their payment information, add line items, send invoices, payment links.. via email or via shareable links.
Not everyone wants to pay with bitcoin yet, so Zaprite enables fiat payments through various options.
This is a great feature to onboard merchants.
Bitcoin is the black hole that sucks in all the fiat!

Accept Bitcoin Payments in a Self-Custodial Way

You can even connect your own Lightning node and accept payments directly to your node.
If you don't run a node, you can add e.g. a Strike, Zebedee, or Alby wallet.
With on-chain addresses, you just import your xpub, and with a help of a wallet software such as e.g. Sparrow wallet, you can receive payments to a hardware wallet or a multisig.
You can learn more about Sparrow here.
Xpub is a master address for your BTC wallets.
By importing it to Zaprite, the software generates a new BTC address for each invoice/payment to protect your privacy.
By knowing your xpub, people can view the balance of the BTC in your wallets, but they can't access it.
Zaprite doesn't require KYC, only email.
Giving out your business details is also optional.
Therefore it's available for everyone around the world(except OFAC-sanctioned countries).
It's also available in various languages.
The app is also non-custodial.
At no point Zaprite touches your funds.
Neither does it charge transaction fees.
After a free trial (I was given 46 days), it charges a monthly or annual subscription.

Smooth and Professional UX and UI

You can add a logo for your business, brand colors and set a username which will eventually become your Lightning address (not operational as of now in April 2024).
The invoices look clean, polished and professional.
When paying the invoice, the payer can choose a payment method from the options you have connected.
To better monitor your payment flow for accounting purposes, you can download CSV files of your transactions.
You can also add a premium for fiat payments if you prefer receiving bitcoin from your clients.
Zaprite payment links also work well as easy tip pages for receiving donations.
Payment QR codes could be useful for e.g. artists, street performers, market vendors etc.
If you liked this review, you can donate easily by scanning this code with your camera, and the Zaprite payment link page payment link page will open:

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Ooh didn't know they have woocommerce intergration now, thats pretty cool
It's definitely a sensational product. But, why isn't it a. Bitcoin only product? And also the subscription fee is way too high for countries like India.
It's Bitcoin-only product in that it doesn't use any other "cryptocurrencies" (unless you count L-BTC as a shitcoin :D).
As far as I understand, the fiat payment method integrations are for pre-coiners who can't pay with bitcoin yet: and more fiat is being converted to BTC via Zaprite invoices.
With regards to the subscription fee, in this AMA there was discussion whether Zaprite should charge e.g. per invoice: #471457
I meant for fiat. Zaprite can have another product for fiat payments. Why are they using the same invoicing platform for fiat and Bitcoin. Can they have two different platforms?
The ability to receive fiat side-by-side with bitcoin is a key feature, not a bug. There are very few bitcoin-only businesses, especially in this early stage. So offering the flexibility to accept your accounting currency, and BTC, is what users love about Zaprite.
Besides, you can always just use it bitcoin-only. Adding fiat payments is just another module you can choose to enable or not. That's the beauty of Zaprite—it is completely customizable to your individual needs and choices.
Fair point and interesting design choice indeed. Maybe it's for simplicity.
I've never used it, but it looks really innovative.
It's a phenomenal product. We use it as well as many of our contractors. Payment flexibility is baked in.
Zaprite is indeed cool:)