Yes, my friend. The issue is that I cannot receive in LN and I need to use my salary to live, and because I receive from a KYC source and live in a country that heavily controls all on and off ramps, I also need to do coinjoins, and I also have my savings in cold storage. Now, my salary is such that doing all this seems to me that it implies paying at least one 100ish dollar fee. Where I live and with my earnings that is simply not acceptable.
So yes, I'm forced to receive in fiat and buy it after the fact rather than spending a significant fraction of money just to get my money where I want it to be.
Yeah, I am aware of lightning and liquid and I'll have to make do for the time being somehow, but mentioning these things as though they magically fix all people's issues and use cases is really missing the point of the matter.
@om this answer's your question as well.
Thanks for the explanation. It might be that your KYC source doesn't support L2s now but in the high fee environment that might change very quickly. Binance has added LN at the previous fee peak.
With LNs coinjoins aren't needed and don't even make sense. In Liquid they're possible but given that the amounts are blinded by default there's less need to do it.
I'm not saying that L2s magically fix all the problems,. They don't and they especially can't help you with utxos in L1 cold storage. But some problems that they don't fix, like the KYC source problem, may be better ascribed to lazy exchanges or tyrannical govenrments.