• flakes
  • deploy with deploy-rs
  • use the zen Linux kernel
  • use nixos-hardware for laptop
  • BTRFS on all system
  • impermanence
    • full disk "wipe" on laptop
    • all except /home wipe on desktop
  • Full disk encryption on laptop
  • emacs-init module for home-manager. See users/bbigras/dev/emacs.nix
  • overlays
    • emacs-overlay
    • nixpkgs-mozilla
    • emacs-pgtk-nativecomp-overlay
  • sway for 2 machines, gnome + paperwm for 1 machine not supporting sway
  • split-dns with systemd-resolved (might be set in my privates files)
  • tailscale
This is heavily based on https://github.com/lovesegfault/nix-config. Many files were copied directly from that repo.
Note that the license should include lovesegfault's copyright on many files. Not sure how to sort that yet.
My emacs.nix is a copy of rycee's with some of my changes. So he has some copyright claim on that file.
0 sats \ 1 reply \ @nym 24 Apr
Thank you for sharing! I’ve been looking for a good template to use like this instead of creating one from scratch.
speaks quietly More Nix territory goodies are on the roadmap, freak. takes a sip of beer and looks up into the sky types on his laptop "I think you'll like it"