Monero’s use as a privacy layer is indeed unparalleled and one of the best use cases for it.
Monero community focuses more on using it than its number go up.
And that’s quite a reasonable viewpoint you have!
Out of interest, have you tried running a monero node? I have not yet, would like someones take on the experience vs bitcoin
Yes :)
It’s pretty simple. Downloaded official Monero GUI and then just let it do its thing.
Takes a while to sync but if you’re low on storage can run pruned.
Also can mine on a decentralized pool on your PC, option is there in the GUI wallet. Not gonna be making any bank but maybe like a $1-$4 per month on a standard PC.
As simple as Bitcoin but here’s the noticeable differences
  1. Can mine with a click of a button
  2. Way more options to configure
  3. Better UI but that’s neither here nor there.
Pretty much