The 0.6 XMR/block tail emission trends toward 0% inflation over time (disinflationary).
Question: How does this differ from Bitcoin's emission schedule in practice? After a long enough time, it would seem as though both Bitcoin's and Monero's block rewards trend towards zero in terms of value / purchasing power. So while Monero will still have tail emission in the year 3000, the value of the token will be dilluted so much that 0.6 XMR won't be worth much regardless.
By the year 3000, the total monero ever mined would be roughly 178 Million.
Ethereum is 100 million + at $4000+ and expected to increase without privacy
Other coins like BNB are at 200 million +
By the year 3000 we will either have a collapse of civilisation or be star faring, 100s of billions of humans.
Do some quick math. :)