Bitcoin Cash was a Hard Fork that wasn't supported by the community, did Bitcoin die?
You are too emotionally involved in dying on this unreasonable hill to think through. That's ok, no one is forcing you to use Monero.
It was a question and you're clearly not ready to answer it reasonably.
Have a good day! :)
Monero is not Bitcoin and the communities are not the same. Again, if the Monero developers did something against the community's wishes, you don't have a recourse. What are you going to do, trust some other group of people to hard fork regularly?
I've answered your question honestly as I could because clearly, you don't want to deal with Monero's biggest flaw which is that it's a centralized altcoin. Continuing to pretend that it somehow doesn't matter that it's centralized is disingenuous and your shilling of Monero here is making this place worse. There's someone in this conversation emotionally invested in a particular outcome and it ain't me.