Just want to say thanks to everyone who provided strong critiques and points here, always welcome open and honest discussion around the pros/cons/benefits/tradeoffs of Monero, and a huge thanks to @allark for sparking this convo!

I obviously view it as an immensely useful tool, even for "Bitcoiners", as Monero provides very strong privacy to all users, no matter how tech-savvy or "n00b" you are. I really do think that all Bitcoiners can benefit from at least using Monero for spending, as I went into depth here on What Bitcoin Did:


As for the points discussed in this thread, I replied to many of them but just wanted to link to a blog post I wrote that goes into detail answering many of the concerns and criticisms people have around Monero, both true and false:


Always welcome to feedback on it, but I do think it's a nuanced and fair set of responses -- all I really want is people to have a proper grasp on the benefits and tradeoffs of the tools available (i.e. Bitcoin and Monero) and that they are able to choose what fits their needs best.

Our pleasure! :)