Does this matter? There are many companies that are either lightning first or use the Lightning Network in some way with more Bitcoin on their books.

What would be more interesting to know:

  • Lqwd are raising money from the public. Are they using it just pay for PR and trips around the world? How much of their raised funds are currently locked up and USED in inbound Lightning channels that other companies have paid for?
  • How much do they charge? If I am running a service as a hobbyist, can I buy inbound liquidity from them?

LQwD is using funds from their $50M shelf offering issued earlier this year to buy this Bitcoin.

Reading between the lines on their financial reports, it looks like the majority of all money they raise will go towards buying Bitcoin.

Interestingly, they have already launched nodes on the Lightning Network, and aim to use a portion of their 150 BTC as liquidity on their Lightning node(s).

Their new Lightning service ( has launched, but seems to be geared to institutions right now. They recently partnered with Breez, but terms/fees were not disclosed.