For sure. Filters help a lot as well, I was very aggressive with those too. The perpetual news cycle stuff would still probably leak through some but I’d imagine it would be cut down a ton.

Stacker news is basically the only “news” I get in my life now. So much high signal only content.

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I agree there is always leakage. And you don't really think it would impact you, but it does.

I really enjoyed your post yesterday. It reminded me of this classic essay by Paul Graham:

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Thank you! And thanks for sharing that post, an interesting read.

It’s a fine balance between what’s part of your identity, what’s a strongly held belief of yours, and what’s an opinion. And maybe a problem with some of that is how you engage in conversations and treat people, not so much that it’s “part of your identity”. I agree with anti-labels though, and minimizing (but not completely removing) what’s “part of your identity”. But if we as a society were more civil, open to change, and accepting of differences more - it would be less of an issue.