political agitation for secession/devolution from regions of larger states that are both more economically successful in general and more accommodating of bitcoin in particular. especially if they have a distinct culture that the political movement can be tied to. I also look forward to "why are all the smart people leaving and taking all the bitcoin with them?" becoming a ubiquitous political issue.

hints from history - sadly no, as my reading is we have gone in the direction of fewer, bigger states for the entire relevant history of economics and politics. but I've always been drawn to late medieval and renaissance Mediterranean (obviously including Venice as an exemplar) as a hopeful example given the entire political economy was predicated on highly mobile capital and easily defensible city-states. the cannon ruined everything

Follow-up question if I may…

Which locales do you think will be most favourable to bitcoiners?

You mention differing political movements, so does that mean you’ve got an informal watchlist?


covid provided an excellent snapshot into who really cares about freedom and for me it's far more about culture than politics and certainly geography or anything similar. that was probably my single biggest learning from the entire hysterical period. so match that up with what languages you can speak, how much wealth, capital structure etc. you need for the standard of life you want, and how accommodating they are to bitcoin, which is yet to be discovered ...

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Agree. I expect those who ask that key question early on will soon find themselves relocating also. Those who don’t, will forever be disenfranchised.

Thanks for taking the time to answer! Will have to do some more reading into those periods 👍