A journey through busted tapes, the Internet Old Farts Club, and SPARCstations.
It's amazing, and a little sad, to think that something created in 1989 that changed how people used and viewed the then-nascent Internet had nearly vanished by 2024.
Nearly, that is, because the dogged researchers and enthusiasts at The Serial Port channel on YouTube have found what is likely the last existing copy of Archie. Archie, first crafted by Alan Emtage while a student at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, allowed for the searching of various "anonymous" FTP servers around what was then a very small web of universities, researchers, and government and military nodes. It was groundbreaking; it was the first echo of the "anything, anywhere" Internet to come. And when The Serial Port went looking, it very much did not exist.

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Other than the search for Archie story, it's also very fascinating to see that most of the terminal commands i use daily really haven't changed much since those early internet days. Or is that because they used 2011 files? Not sure.
I'm not sure either.