For some reason I haven't been getting tagged or getting notifications, sorry I missed this.
Yeah some people really love it. On amethyst, I use it exclusively and it works. Though yeah after a year I find it annoying and I zap less and less as a result. If I have to think: "Oh, I have to open up my wallet for the 15th time this day just to make this one zap" I just don't do it.
In theory we can do some thing with fedimint to spend in the background from a prefunded balance, though that's probably further out.
I was telling @k00b and @ek last night at bitdevs, I have a love hate relationship with NWC. It works, I use it, but it's a pretty terrible UX from a non-custodial perspective and 99% of people are just going to use other custodians with it anyways, which either means more illegally operating businesses (which are dropping like flies) or everyone is KYC'd. It's not good either way.