PRAYER OF THE DAY - Proverbs 15:23
Beloved Creator, in this new dawn, we turn to You in humility and gratitude. We recognize that, in You, we find the true source of wisdom and discernment. May this day that begins, we seek Your guidance in all our words and actions.
Lord, grant us the grace to speak words that bring life and hope to those around us. May our conversations be full of kindness and edification, bringing encouragement and comfort to afflicted hearts. May we be instruments of Your love, spreading peace and harmony wherever we go.
Help us, O God, to be attentive and understanding listeners, ready to offer wise and encouraging counsel when needed. May our words be a source of refreshment for those who are tired and burdened, guiding them to encounter Your infinite grace and love.
May our testimony be a reflection of Your light, O Lord, shining amidst the darkness of this world. That through our words and actions, others can see Your transforming love and find hope and salvation in You.
Give us the wisdom to recognize the opportunities to be instruments of Your love and Your peace this day. It empowers us to be bridge builders, promoting unity and communion among those around us.
May our commitment to truth and goodness be unshakable, O God, even in the face of adversities and temptations that may arise. May we trust in You at all times, knowing that You are our support and strength.
In the name of Your beloved Son, who taught us to love and forgive, we pray.
The passage from Proverbs 15:23 says: "A man rejoices to give a suitable answer; and how good is the word spoken in time!" This passage emphasizes the importance of choosing our words carefully and offering appropriate and timely responses. The prayer drawn up based on this verse reflects the desire to be channels of blessing and encouragement for others, through our words and actions, following the example of wisdom and love taught by Christ.
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Thank you for the donations