Zeus on mobile to control your own node is far beyoooond !

To people who are using zeus, and their own node, how reliable and quick are your payments? Have you ever compared the speed and reliabiliy with for example wallet of satoshi?

It all depends how you connect to your node. If you just use your IP it will be fast as hell. If you use VNP wireguard will be very fast too. If you behind TOR u sacrifice some speed and stability, but neverless my payments go through 10 sec very max and on average between 2 and 5 seconds. Depend also if the route is already know.

And of course if you have shitty ADSL (so bad upload) and family always using internet at home, don't think about it.

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Pretty darn reliable. Have wireguard setup to my node and zeus runs as smooth as if it were connecting to my node from the local network (wireguard is pretty cool). Have sent sats in the range of millions and had no trouble, but depends on how well connected you are to other nodes, something that you don't have to bother about when using services like WoS. WoS also charges high fees is what I have heard. Essentially you are trading high fees and custodianship for ease of use and no maintenance.

Zeus is amazing.