Yo stackers!

I've managed to make a handful of refinements after user feedback:

  • sats and tipped are now added together as just 'sats.' @kr suggested this was confusing and I agree. You can still get the break down by hovering over 'sats.'
  • new tipping icon. It's not the best, I know, but it should make tipping more obvious. @CypherPoet had many better iterations on new upvote and tipping icons but I didn't want to torture them with tons of iterations. We'll continue working on it.
  • clicking on reply notifications now take you to the root thread rather than the parent's thread as suggested by @nout
  • wallet balance and stacked abbreviate at 10k or more (not 1k) as suggested by @nout
  • header/navbar is SSR'd so it doesn't load after the page does
  • warning on user bios that their bio will be a post

I've been doing a lot of investor and user meetings lately so I have less time to ship. But, good news, it looks like we won't have a problem getting funded and there are a bunch of very helpful investors in the Bitcoin space. Talking about product with a more diverse set of people has also spurred a lot of interesting ideas around features we'll introduce.


Note: really unhappy with the tipping icon and the whole interaction.

I've been spending some time working over the decision tree with Super in Pleb Lab. I think we can do better. It's worth it

Great stuff!

All very awesome improvements. And also glad to hear about investors!

Can you talk a bit about some of the new ideas?

The new ideas are kind of vague tbh. It's more of a new direction. The main insight is that a community + a digitally native currency + discovery is easily turned into a marketplace. So the rough thinking is that substacks can be created that allow posting of products for sale maybe. This will have to be done carefully but it's interesting to say the least.

well done k00b! doing a great job 👍⚡️

Nice work!

Cool! Thank you for all the updates. Small nit: when there's just 1 sat, it shouldn't say "sats" ;)