Imagine you were seeding a new institution with a mission intended to (among other things) promote the growth and development of the next generation of shadowy super coders and their brethren, outside mainstream education.
There are some social and technical skills which make persons higher (skill) value to the Bitcoin network. Some examples might be: animal husbandry, heavy equipment repair, culinary, small farming, project management (??), self-directed learning... (what else?)
The school operates in a jungle environment, outside the US. It's largely off-grid. There aren't any grades or off-the-shelf curriculum, but it may offer certificates down the road.
What skills or potentials would you look for in candidates to participate in the first and second semesters of the shadowy cyber school?
Thanks in advance for any support in the development of these thoughts. The school is happening somewhat organically and it would be great to get input from SN which can be used to help direct the thinking of the founders. Any and all input is appreciated.
  • Nano Farming
  • Ayurveda Treatment
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Martial Arts
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Mythology
  • Magic (much similar to the Harry Potter's)
Thanks for the sats!!!
I can resonate with your idea because I'm also running a school much similar to yours (organically) as you said. It would be better if we both remain in touch so as to share some ideas with each other.
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • painting
  • writing
  • Olympic sports
  • pet care
  • writing
  • Problem solving & inventive thinking
  • Cultural acumen & communication
  • Teamwork & leadership
  • Privacy Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Harnessing Energy Sources
  • 3d printing
  • Financial literacy