in your work on damus, what's your view on the health of the nostr protocol? that is, in trying to get your arms around the protocol, do you see any obvious weak points we should be shoring up before the sclerosis sets in?

The network is pretty healthy at the moment. spam could be a huge problem, but I don't feel like it's unsolvable. There are many proposals by the community. For example, you could have a mode where you can only see posts from people you follow. It could be completely fine if you use it like a signal-like app where only your contacts can send you stuff.

nostr doesn't preclude a particular style of usage. I'm looking forward to many different types of clients that try different spam control techniques.

Have you thought about adding "no internet" features, like what Briar does? Would that work with Nostr protocol?

(it can connect encrypted p2p over bluetooth, local wifi or SD card... it can also create local Wifi hotspot and let other users download the app from you, which is cool and we tested it on a flight).

you can absolutely sneakernet nostr messages, though there are not yet a lot of tools for this.