Hey fellow builders & stackers!
It has been a while since the last written update
We've been head down building for a while. Many fun world's first initiatives are underway! We wanted to highlight just a couple in this post.
CASCDR TLDR: we're building AI APIs and services with a focus on making them interoperable, private and efficient by playing to the strengths that lightning and nostr confer to us! We believe this is how freedom and bitcoin win in the new battle for AI!
Post TLDR: we made an "augmented layer" on top of YouTube called CASCDRVision that makes it quick and easy to make clips of content. We also launched our CASCDR Amber allowing you access to CASCDR tools in exchange for fiat instead of just bitcoin (you're welcome HODLers).


On the Pleblab livestream a few weeks ago @Car and I [announced CASCDRVision - a tool that lets you obtain youtube transcripts, search and easily make clips by just highlighting words.
Today, I added a major upgrade to CASCDRVision that allows you to get AI suggested clips. It can be a great way to quickly scan a video and find the key parts of a conversation or video. We also allow you to customize the LLM prompt responsible for choosing the clips...effectively making it like a search engine. I was able to use it to search this conversation between Rod Roudi & Cathie Wood. I found the tidbit about Cathie's mentor in economist Art Laffer's interesting so I wanted to make a clip about it. In about 45 seconds I was able to walk away with this clip. Step 1: Type in the prompt to find the timestamp
Step 2: Quotes Tab opens and let's you preview and create clips
We're excited about this project and what it means for content creators to ship content fast. The world of content creation is incredibly competitive and challenging! We are excited to be a part of our user's journey in growing their followings and their brands! Shout out to @Greencandleit and @bitcoinplebdev for being brave pioneers working with us!

Beyond Just Human Users

We put a lot of effort into making these tools useful and efficient for humans. We feel it is essential. At the same time, we believe the next billion users of the internet will be bots that pay each other in bitcoin and that we must work toward that future, ensuring that it serves our liberty minded ideals.
Toward that end, we've designed CASCDR so that every single endpoint we make can be discovered on nostr and paid for with lightning. Making them accessible and useful to humans and bots alike from day one! CASCDRVision and the services it uses like many of the others we've made are available for fully automated or even semi-automated bot services. We are excited about what that means for a future where bots an autonomously can create value in novel ways. This is why we're so bullish on lightning and AI ⚡🤝🤖.


In our quest to make tools with maximum utility we made it possible for them to be used by a human or by bots. We also wanted to make it possible for the rabid stackers out there to HODL and instead spend fiat. We've engineered the site so that each paid endpoint can accept bitcoin or fiat. For $9.99 you can get a CASCDR Amber membership for near unlimited access to CASCDR tools. Take your filthy fiat and turn it into based AI. If you find value in what we're doing, we'd really appreciate if you'd consider signing up and helping us build a liberty centric, bright orange future that we want to see.
If you made it this far thanks for reading! You can check us out: CASCDR Site Twitter Nostr
Cheers, The CASCDR Team
this looks great!