It looks like you have been investing in this space since 2014?! How have things changed from your perspective over the last 8 years? What are you most excited about (and concerned about) over the next 5 years?
The design space for founders is much vaster today than 8 years ago. For example, payments at scale are now possible via Lightning Network. Soon stablecoins on Lightning Network (Taro) will allow for LN adoption by people without the means to tolerate BTC's volatility. As the design space widens, the number of people and types of business that can find value in bitcoin technologies grows (i.e. the addressable market is expanding). The pace of innovation is very fast and every year presents a new set of entrepreneurial opportunities.
What I'm most excited and concerned about is founder attention to user feedback. Companies that dive into their engagement KPIs to understand what's working and what's not, what products are providing sustainable value for their users and what's lacking, will have a significant advantage. The opportunity to iterate based on user feedback to find greater adoption is critical.
Because bitcoin companies don't rely on tokens to drive early adoption of their technology or product, user metrics and clean and can drive key discovery about their user base and product.