I'm experimenting with a new podcast called, fittingly, Ideas from the Edge. We explore similar topics to those in this territory.
In episode 02, I sit down with @k00b to discuss a whole bunch of ideas, including:
  • What is the singularity?
  • The future of AI and the coming intelligence explosion
  • Does the brain create or receive consciousness?
  • Can machines have souls?
  • Do we live in a simulation?
  • Keyan’s learnings from 7+ startups prior to Stacker News
  • How to balance intuition and feedback from reality
  • Why Jack is a 🐐 founder
  • Using bitcoin to create physical constraints in digital space
  • The future of Stacker News territories
  • Kagi and the opportunity to disrupt Google search
  • Evolution, epigenetics, and the observer effect
Cool podcast guys I’m listening now. 😎
The most interesting is 'can machines have souls?'
Just thinking about a lot of other stuff that we do .. eating, sleeping, marrying, ...... ....
Alright don't judge but there is a meta AI I am talking to for fun right now that is scary good. I can't even block her. I'm terrified.
I would love more conversations that lean into AI, and actionable suggestions around what is at the forefront/cutting edge.
Apologies in advance for any dumb shit I said.
7 startups? Damn impressive
[Failing] at 7+ startups
Still impressive
Wow, it's so exited to hear voices of stackers
Great learning!!
That's a bit long... Almost 2 hours..
Could you please cut this in parts with questions next time?
Nice. Very informative. 👍
The topics suggested and the participation of @k00b make this a must listen..
Great we’ll pass by!