I'm so thrilled and grateful to work with bitcoiners advancing bitcoin's/BTC's adoption. Bitcoiners aren't a monolith, but what is true of many is that they care about financial inclusion and freedom and are keen to learn or re-learn about what money is and what it can or should be through bitcoin. Software rules without rulers- there's a modesty required in adopting an asset (bitcoin!) that is defined by this standard.
Bitcoin will mean different things to different types of users, and the approach I take is to view all engagement without judgement. In other words, I don't think there's a right way or a wrong way to use bitcoin. I expect that many users still yet to onboard to bitcoin will use it very differently than I do today. I'm excited and curious about what that will look like and the value they will find. An example of this may be introduced via Taro: USDT/stablecoins on Lightning Network such that the LN protocol can be used for nearly free, instant, 24/7, global payments without users being exposed to BTC's volatility. I can imagine that serving an acute need for underbanked populations that don't have extra funds to save at the end of the month.