Good morning everyone,
This is Raffaela and her team from Bakery and Confectionery Fuchs in Diepoldsau, now accepting Bitcoin via @OPAGO_PAY. In addition to their main store on Mitteldorfstrasse, they also have a Drive-Thru on Wiesgasse.
📍 Mitteldorfstrasse 2, 9444 Diepoldsau, Switzerland 📍 Wiesgasse 1 (Drive-Thru), 9444 Diepoldsau, Switzerland
Since 1961, now in its third generation, their breads and pastries have been made with love and dedication. The most popular products include various breads, nut-filled yeast stollen, and pear bread. At the drive-thru, customers can order delicious sandwiches and pay directly from their cars.
The sweet pastries are continually adjusted to match the seasons and weather. In winter, they offer indulgent treats like Berliner and various chocolate delights, while summer brings more fruity options.
Raffaela and her team look forward to welcoming you! :)