They built this out perfectly. As someone who has both a pixel 8 pro running grapheneos and an iPhone 14 pro, Apple's insane engineering that puts them above others is incredibly irritating. Here I am, very split between keeping my pixel and going back to iOS.
To make PCC possible, they went to the extents that Signal goes to (and beyond). It's built with attestation similar to how Signal uses Intel's SGX to protect contact discovery. But they went even further - they're using their own custom silicon and built a custom OS just for this.
I want to moan at them. I want to moan about their insane prices. I want to moan that I can't sync my photos with the same features as iCloud onto my own server which is still an issue. But damn do they make good shit. Fuck you apple for being so damn good.
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Thanks for providing more context. We've all learned to distrust these companies, mostly for good reason, but the situation is likely nuanced.
When we launch Private Cloud Compute, we’ll take the extraordinary step of making software images of every production build of PCC publicly available for security research.
This is a pretty awesome thing to do. I wish they led with this. I care less about their privacy claims than I do being able to verify them.
In other news, I’m back on my iPhone again… for better or for worse