VIC, the bot, will make decisions for the "meat puppet" who shows up at meetings.
Victor Miller is running for mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming, with an unusual campaign promise: If elected, he will not be calling the shots—an AI bot will. VIC, the Virtual Integrated Citizen, is a ChatGPT-based chatbot that Miller created. And Miller says the bot has better ideas—and a better grasp of the law—than many people currently serving in government.
“I realized that this entity is way smarter than me, and more importantly, way better than some of the outward-facing public servants I see,” he says. According to Miller, VIC will make the decisions, and Miller will be its “meat puppet,” attending meetings, signing documents, and otherwise doing the corporeal job of running the city.
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I've been thinking about a semi-related problem to this idea....which is "how do you authenticate what the training sources used for an AI bot is?" Is there some way to publish that and know with cryptographic assurance what sources where used to train it?
Once thats possible....then it would make people more likely to trust these ideas. (ie. Imagine I had a bot trained on all writings from Founding Fathers + Supreme Court Case law -- you might be willing to trust that more than some newly minted commie from Commie U).
this way, you could choose your own bias, instead of them choosing it for you :)
Humans should always be making the decisions... AI or robots should only offer input, not the answers or decisions.
Victor Miller, a resident of Cheyenne, Wyoming, has filed to run for mayor with an unconventional arrangement: he will relinquish control to an AI chatbot named VIC (Virtual Integrated Citizen) if elected[1][2][4]. Miller believes VIC, which was created by a team including himself, has superior intellect and legal acumen compared to human officials[1][2].
However, the legality of this arrangement is being questioned. Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray argues that only a "qualified elector," which necessitates being a real person, is eligible to run for office[1][2][3]. Gray has urged the county clerk to reject Miller's application, stating that using a fictitious name like "VIC" violates Wyoming law[2][5].
Cheyenne City Clerk Kristina Jones, who certified VIC's campaign, respectfully disagrees with Gray's conclusion[5]. She argues that since Miller, a qualified elector, is the actual candidate using VIC as a persona, the campaign is legitimate[5]. The Laramie County Attorney's office is investigating the matter, and a decision is expected by early July when ballot documents are due[2][3].
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Miller says the bot has better ideas—and a better grasp of the law—than many people currently serving in government.
Interesting idea. He may not be wrong.