You should use mempool's fork of electrs:
Also be aware that you should probably have 1.5TB+ available. The syncing process requires a lot, but then you should expect 1TB or so of data that stays after it is done syncing. I forget exact numbers.
I saw mempool/electrs and assumed it wouldn't work cause it wasn't named Esplora. But looking into it now, makes perfect sense.
The esplora index I made a few months ago had similar footprint to what you describe. Ballooning to 1.3TB then compacted to about 800GB.
This is a huge tip! Thanks Tony!
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Yeah, I’m running a full node with mempool’s electrs fork. Didn’t want to run esplora because it’s wayyyy too heavy for most personal needs.
According to #272976 Seems like mempool's electrs is a fork of esplora, so it should be about as heavy as esplora is, right?