I'm not sure how it'd work exactly, but we've definitely been slacking on our nostr integrations lately. The beauty of ditto seems to be that we don't have to do anything special, other than making our nostr integrations better, to serve SN content in Ditto.
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yeah, I don't have strong conviction that SN should/shouldn't pursue enabling/empowering a Ditto community. seems interesting and somewhat relevant to SN's mission/goals and at early glance Ditto appears very well considered to me.
I think SN provides the best signal of information around bitcoin links/discussion on the Internet today. SN is substantially better than nostr at helping find/browse this kind of information, imo. But it seems to me like more touchpoint with nostr may help more people who are interested/curious about bitcoin-centric links/discussion to learn about how great SN is.
I'm generally a fan of more connectivity between SN/nostr even though I don't see one as replacing the other.