Big thank you first for the work you are doing with Mutity Wallet!
Most payments I had where in the 5-10 chf range (8k - 17k sats) and it took maybe around 3-4 seconds to confirm in my wallet and another 3-4 seconds to confirm in the merchant's terminal. I found that quite competitive with other payment methods.
The largest payment I had was around 90 chf (150k sats) and it took around 30 seconds in mutiny wallet and then another 15 seconds to confirm in the terminal. Since it was at a restaurant table, it was not an issue time wise and it was a good opportunity to ask the merchant a few more questions. However I see how it could annoy some people in a lineup scenario.
Thank you for that info! You said you're using the federation part exclusively? Do you know which federation you're in? I can ping some of them to open up some channels to the Lugano folks. If you happen to have any invoice from any of the merchants, I can look into the lightning node destination and get them connected.
Yes, I made all payments through the freedom one federation. I have left Lugano by now, but I can send you some of the invoices I used that day.
I don't see any private message function here, so I will contact you through nostr.