How do you know liquid isn't actually being ran by just one person?
I don't know. Maybe by using Wireshark on my Liquid node to vaguely capture traffic and try to vaguely find who might be the block signers if I can capture the right traffic from a peer. That being said if we can minimally agree the information from Coin Telegraph and is correct, at least you have proof there was 1 block signer in Japan:
At the end of the day for any community there is some trust involved. 1-2 years ago I got rug pulled by Fiatjaf around 80-90 sats in a telegram group. Given that there is at least a good track record for Liquid since 2018 I feel confident we may not be rug pulled. That being said to my friends I recommend them Bitcoin, not Liquid or Fedi.
You mean the entire federation is controlled by one person or colluding?
That seems impossible.
Let’s pretend it’s controlled by one person. So what?