Thanks for doing this AMA.
I'm curious how you feel about defi slowly being developed into Bitcoin (we see the beginning with Taro).
For example, if certain op codes are safe and enable more generalized defi apps, is that something you think would be good for the Bitcoin ecosystem and community?
My pleasure!
I'd be cautious to prognosticate on what the future landscape would look like in that regard, or the potential unintended consequences.
However, so long as no fragility is introduced at the base layer to enable all the fancy DeFi stuff, and all the risky play happens at much higher layers then it's all good—assuming users are made aware of the risks involved.
With Taro there may be some shitcoin attempts but I'd expect you'd only see traction with an asset that has the most utility and not a scam.
In general, allowing that flexibility and programability is a plus for building novel and interesting products and services which is good, but only if it doesn't come at the cost of harming the base layer, if it does then it will be 1000% horrible for the entire ecosystem and community.