Altcoins are usually just unregulated companies. No thanks.

It's true what you quoted. Every time you read about a new exciting project, just think why they're not using Bitcoin for that instead. Every time you read rewards are paid in some alt instead of Bitcoin, ask yourself the same question.

They usually don't use Bitcoin because that's real money. Instead, they provide you with some useless token that they can print more of, or that they acquired at zero or near zero cost. They basically want your money for free.

The funny thing is that your greed is actually feeding their greed.

I now basically only pay attention to projects that use Bitcoin only. Anything else is just a waste of time.

Altcoins are usually just unregulated companies. No thanks.

Actually that's exactly what I want. I want unregulated securities.

I totally get the POV from a free market standpoint. The issues arise when there are regulated and unregulated and the unregulated try to masquerade as regulated. cough celsius cough

Bitcoin is self regulated

100% de acuerdo.