Give SLP133 a listen @ 26.11 minute mark. This was one of Trace's last interviews before going quiet. Trace picked it!

Great find. "I don’t necessarily think it’s a very good idea to be doing coinjoins and stuff. You know, you don’t necessarily know who your coin joining with what if they’re like a North Korean or a or a terrorist, right? And now you’ve mixed your UTXOs with them, then you try to deposit your UTXOs in the exchange and now you’re a person of interest. Like under investigation. Like that wasn’t a very good idea."

And a month later Trace was 'called out' for pushing mimblewimble which I think he had a stake in or something similar. I suppose you can be right while still pumping your bags.

This podcast episode (TFTC 352) is also available on Youtube and BitcoinTV:

📺 TFTC #352: Freedom of speech in the digital age with Preston Byrne